Forthcoming Events

BTRC-funded research featured on the BBC

We are proud that the BBC featured the amazing work that our neurosurgical researchers at Charing Cross on 6th September: Head of Neurosurgery and Chairman of BTRC Kevin O’Neill and the George Pickard Neurosurgical Research Fellow Babar Vaqas showed their ground-breaking work with laser light which we hope will bring new hope to brain tumour [...]

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Captain’s Charity Golf Day

Captain’s Charity Golf Day Friday, 11th September, 2015 Thanks to the generous support of the Captain of Wentworth Golf Club, who has organised a charity golf day in memory of a friend, Mr Jeff Knight, who died from a brain tumour last year, we are delighted to offer a unique opportunity for non-members (and members [...]

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Lastest Research Projects:

George Pickard Fellowship - details coming soon

Corado Grassini Fellowship - details coming soon

Alexander Jones Foundation - details coming soon