Christmas Magic

December, 2010

The Fairy Princess“CHRISTMAS MAGIC”

One of our supporters who has a passion for music (like so many of us, has been touched by brain tumours, having a young grand-daughter who had surgery to remove a brain tumour at the age of 2) is composing a children’s opera, which he hopes will ultimately be performed as a Gala Presentation by celebrity singers and musicians, but will also serve as an educational tool for children in schools. He has generously pledged to donate a portion of any commercial proceeds from the sale of the finished work to BTRC.

Here is a short excerpt from one of the songs, “The Fairy Princess.”

“Wherever children sing and play,
She’s never very far away,
If a problem you will share,
Just think of her and she’ll be there.

When she’s spread her wings and flown away,
remember well the happy day,
She promised you, she’ll always care
For little children everywhere.
Yes she promised you that she will care
For little children everywhere”.

You can listen to the music by The Fairy Princess