Our collaborators include celebrity champions, our Trustees and the Scientific Team, on whose help we depend for awareness and research into Brain Tumours:

Our Celebrity Champions:

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Our Trustees:

Mr Kevin O’Neill, Chairman

Mrs Wendy Fulcher

Dr Omar Malik

Dr Mark Glaser

Dr Michael Johnson

Ms Alexandra Dixon

Ms Helen Mellor

Mr Dan Wiggins


Our Scientific Team:

Mr Kevin O’Neill

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Imperial College London





Fernando Abaitua

Brain Science Division

Imperial College London

Charing Cross Hospital





Dr Nelofer Syed

Research Lecturer at Imperial College London







Ms Julia Langer

Corrado Grassini PhD, Division of Neuroscience

Imperial College London






Dr Mohammed Awad

George Pickard Clinical Research Fellow







Dr Amin Hajitou

Lecturer in Cancer Gene Therapy

Department of Medicine

Imperial College




Ms Justyna Przystal

Research Technician






Dr Henrik Antii,

Umea University, Sweden


Post-doctoral Fellow: to be appointed