A combined programme of research and use of state-of-art clinical equipment brings together the skills of clinicians and scientists in the Division of Neuroscience at Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre at Charing Cross Hospital.

Through our links with Imperial College, we are involved in teaching medical and science students, various aspects of brain tumour research.

New research projects

The Board of Trustees reviews grant applications on a quarterly basis: if you would like to apply for grant funding, download the grant application form here.  Grant applications are welcome from any institution/organisation working in this research area.  All applications are reviewed by an external panel of expert peer reviewers (panel members are selected for their expertise in the specific field of research under review; however, where a member of the external expert review panel holds a post at the same organisation as an applicant they do not take part in the decision making process.)

Research under way and funded by BTRC

November 2013 Epigenetic down-regulation of ASS/ASL, a new biomarker for GBMAwarded by the Imperial Cancer Research UK Centre to co-investigators Dr Nelofer Syed (Division of Brain Sciences), Dr Matthew Williams (Division of Surgery and Cancer), Dr Piero Posocco (Natural Sciences, Physics), Mr Kevin O’Neill (Division of Brain Sciences) £ 5,000 (not BTRC) 
November 2013 Mayor of Kensington & Chelsea “Magic Wand” Appeal”: Purchase of a Sonowand neuro-nagivational machine for clinical and research purposes £175,000 
July 2013 Identifying biomarkers of transformation of low-grade astrocytoma using whole genome sequencing – the Alexander Jones Foundation FellowshipIn collaboration (and co-funded) with the NIHR Imperial Biomedical Research Centre, a 9-month study whose primary aim is to identify somatic mutations associated with transformation of LGA to anaplastic astrocytoma using whole-genome sequencing (WGS). BTRC co-funding a PhD student with the Alexander Jones Foundation £74,834 
May 2013 Quantitative diffusion imaging for early treatment response and progression evaluation in adult high grade gliomas; a multi-centre study (NCRI Brain Clinical Studies Group, Imaging Subgroup)In collaboration (and co-funded) with The Brain Tumour Charity, for a multi-centre diffusion study on response markers in GBM, led by Imperial College with Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute of Cancer Research , London National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Cambridge University and University of Manchester. This 3-year project aims to develop, test and refine DWI as a method that can be used across multiple centres to measure tumour treatment response and growth into surrounding normal brain in patients with glioblastoma. £37,485 
October 2012 Glioblastoma multiforme with good or poor prognosis: is there a deterministic protein expression profile?A one-year appointment of a researcher to undertake a proteomic comparison of GBMs with good and poor prognoses. Identifying and studying the differences in protein expression in GB<s from long- and short-term survivors, using 2D-DIGE approach to identify proteins which might be verified in a subsequent project, using immunohistochemistry and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue samples £72,922 
April 2012 Phase II of the John Fulcher Molecular Laboratory, including a Post-doctoral Fellow and Research Technician to conduct the project Dissecting the metabolic pathways of Gliomas to identify new therapeutic strategies” £354,216.84
April 2012 Appointment of a research technician to conduct the project “Therapy using novel bacteriophage nanoparticles and ADI-PEG20 to target angiogenic blood vessels and tumour cells of primary human glioma” £66.495.21
February 2012 Appointment of the George Pickard Clinical Research Fellow in Neurosurgery/Oncology (kindly sponsored by the George Pickard Foundation and co-funded by brainstrust – the Meg Jones Charity) £140,000
November 2011 Matched funding for expansion of laboratory facilities, combining the John Fulcher Research lab and Imperial College Healthcare Tissue Bank  £60,000
July 2011 Appointment of the Corrado Grassini Fellowship PhD student to conduct a collaborative project with Umea University in Sweden, on Metabolomics in Brain Tumours(kindly sponsored by donations from friends and family of the late Corrado Grassini) £75,000
 August 2010  1-year Extension of contract for  Post-doctoral fellow and laboratory space £57,000.00
August 2010 Appointment of a Research technician £36,228.00
March 2009-Feb 2010 Purchase of additional laboratory equipment and consumables £58,000.00
October 2008 Creation at Charing Cross Hospital of the John Fulcher Molecular Neuro-Oncology Laboratory for Genetic and Epigenetic Characterisation of High grade Glioma, and appointment of a Post-doctoral Fellow to lead the Research Programme £155,000.00
March 2008 Appointment of a Research Technician £31,000.00
July 2007 Appointment of a Post-doctoral fellow to lead the project: “Determination of the Metabonomic Profile in Supratentorial Low Grade and Anaplastic Astrocytomas” £60,000.00
March-Sept 2006 Creation of 2 PhD posts to undertake a joint research project “To Define the Microglial Transcriptomic Profile in Gliomas” £80,000.00
September 2005 Creation of a Brain Tumour Registry in the Neuropathology Unit at Charing Cross Hospital and appointment of a non-clinical research fellow or nurse £30,000.00
July 2005 Expression of Stem Cell Factor and its receptor (kit) in conventional and atypical meningiomas study £15,000.00
July 2004 Support of an election medical studentship at The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota £2,000.00
July 2003 The establishment of a Tumour Tissue Bank to collect data for research at Hammersmith Hospital NHS Trust £20,000.00

Inauguration of The John Fulcher Molecular Neuro-oncology Laboratory

Members of the management team from Imperial College, researchers, patients and major donors to BTRC gathered together at Charing Cross Hospital on Friday July 3rd, 2009 to celebrate the launch of the John Fulcher Molecular Neuro-oncology Laboratory.