Lay summaries of the projects being funded by BTRC


2013            Imperial Cancer Biomarker Resource Centre Funding

2013            SONOWAND project outline

2013            Alexander Jones Foundation –  Whole Genome Sequencing project outline

2013                          Quantitative diffusion imaging for early treatment response and progression evaluation in adult high grade gliomas; a multi-centre study (NCRI Brain Clinical Studies Group, Imaging Subgroup)

2013                           GBM Protein

April 2012                Dissecting the metabolic pathways of Gliomas to identify new therapeutic strategies

April 2012                Therapy using novel bacteriophage nanoparticles and ADI-PEG20 to target angiogenic blood vessels and tumour cells of primary human glioma

February 2012        George Pickard Foundation Clinical Research Fellow in Neurosurgery and Neurooncology

November 2011      Expansion of the John Fulcher Molecular Laboratory and Imperial College Healthcare Tissue Bank

July 2011                  Corrado Grassini PhD Fellowship: Metabolomics in Brain Tumours

October 2008         Appointment of a postdoctoral fellow to lead the research programme for genetic and epigenetic characterisation of High Grade Glioma

October 2008         The John Fulcher Molecular Neuro-Oncology Laboratory for genetic and epigenetic characterisation of High Grade Glioma

July 2007                Determination of the metabonomic profile in supratentorial low grade and anaplastic astrocytomas

Mar-Sept 2006     PhD Posts – Determination of the Extent and Profile of Microglial Infiltrate in Low Grade and Anaplastic Astrocytomas

Sept 2005                Brain Tumour Registry

July 2005               Expression of Stem Cell Factor and its Receptor (kit) in Conventional and Atypical Meningiomas

July 2004               Microglia in Gemistocytic Astrocytomas